Cheap Restaurants in Japan – B-Class Gourmet

Cheap Restaurants in Japan – B-Class Gourmet (B-きゅ)
Japan is certainly a culture who adores and appreciates all types of foods. In fact it’s said that Japan could certainly have the finest food in all the world. Many famous chefs have come to Japan from all over the world to learn…


Sushi Documentary

Learn All About Sushi!
This documentary comes from a series called Begin Japanology. I’ll be sure to be sharing all their goodies with you, because honestly. Their episodes are quick and to the point. Nothing like learning new information about your favorite place on earth right? So sit…

February 3rd – Setsubun – Mamemaki

February 3rd Japanese Holiday/Festival
Setsubun – Mamemaki – Ehomaki
and Bean Throwing Cleansing!
Oh what fun with a pocket full of roasted beans!
At the beginning of this month (February 2016) I randomly thought to check to if it was a Japanese holiday of sorts. Funny find out, on…