How to Understand Japanese Verbs: Groups, Exceptions, Forms, Conjugations, and Verb Particles

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Particles Dictionary Form て形 た形 ない形
Group I Dictionary Form for Group I て形 for Group I た形 for Group I ない形 for Group I
Group II Dictionary Form for Group II て形 for Group II た形 for Group II ない形 for Group II


FFLC: Fukuoka Learning College Review

Looking to go to FFLC to learn Japanese?
At this moment I’m going to FFLC and I would strongly suggest aganst it. If you’re going through Go Go Nihon I would also suggest not using them. This review will change as time goes on… either it will get worse or better. BUT, just know…

Difference Between – To Give Birth, To Be Born & Birthplace in Japanese

An Odd Coincidence – A Japanese Lesson About Birth on Easter.
In light of the Easter holiday I find this lesson to be very interesting, because the day I finally decide to get these three words straightened in my mind it falls on Easter, and what’s more appropriate then words…

Easy Kanji Mix-Ups: Husband, End & Not Yet

Kanji Mix-Up’s – Matsu, Mi & Otto/Husband
These three were giving me trouble for a little bit on Wani-Kani so I’m going to do a quick exposé of the characters and maybe some ways to help you remember them.

This is the character for husband. Now it’s a fairly simple…

Gatsu (がつ)vs Getsu (げつ)- Revealing a Japanese Mystery

When to Use Gatsu (がつ)vs Getsu (げつ)
So, through the past week while going through WaniKani, I’ve been totally screwing up the difference between these two pronunciation and when to use them. So I decided to go the extra mile and really figure out why my brain is totally not capturing these…

Muzukashii Murasaki – Japanese Breakdown

The Most Difficult Purple
Today I was playing around with these two words with Sasha (my wife). At times I at least have a total brain fart when it comes to these two words. Muzukashii and Murasaki. The first being ‘Difficult’ (Muzukashii むずかしい) and the second being purple (Murasaki む…