Japanese Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

The Japanese Izakaya All you really need to know about Izakaya in Japan It’s said that the infamous izakaya of Japan are basically small (sometimes large) restaurant/bars. This is where a lot of Japan goes before they end up going home for the night. Many will either visit a izakaya before or after their last […]
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Rice Cooker Dutch Baby

Rice Cooker Dutch Baby
A few weeks ago when one of our friends was leaving for Winter vacation, we decided to go to a pancake restaurant that also had dutch babies. Here are some pictures of the display dutch babies as well as the ones my friend and I ordered. They were a bit thin, and they used…



Orusuban Tenji – The House Sitting Angel
Orusubantenshi, or house sitting angel, is a book about a little boy who is visited by an angel while staying home alone while his mom is at work. This is another book published by Tully’s Coffee that I have read.
The story g…



How to Understand Japanese Verbs: Groups, Exceptions, Forms, Conjugations, and Verb Particles

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Particles Dictionary Form て形 た形 ない形
Group I Dictionary Form for Group I て形 for Group I た形 for Group I ない形 for Group I
Group II Dictionary Form for Group II て形 for Group II た形 for Group II ない形 for Group II



Religion in Japan: Politics to Nothingness to Everything

Japanese Religion: It’s Different Here!
What exactly is happening spiritually in Japan? Is there something that we Westerners can learn from Japan?
As I have for at least half my life now, I’ve been researching religion in all forms. I’m no stranger to the ideas of religion and…



How to Say Hor d’oeuvre in Japanese

What do you say in Japanese if you want to say “hor d’oeurve?”
Dude… I swear I remember this one! It’s.. it’s…. uuuhhh…
I was actually going through Kanji Gold yesterday and I came upon a vocabulary word and it was for “hor…



Japanese Schools VS American Schools

What Differences to Expect When Going to School in Japan
Good Japanese Students are Seen Not Heard, American Students are Loud and Opinionated
There are a few things to understand about Japanese Schools and how they relate to American standard schools, and it comes down to the way you are…



Top 10 Japanese Words to Learn

Easy Japanese Words and Expressions for Beginners
Learn Japanese Like a Boss,
Build Your Foundation with The Basics

Anybody who plans to go to Japan ought to possess a nodding acquaintance using the vocabulary to be able to communicate the locals a bit more bearably. It was discovered…



The Most Super Useful Japanese Word Ever

The Most Important Japanese Word You’ll Ever Learn!
Prepare yourself for the most epic, of epic, the hero of all words in Japanese.


Sake: It’s very important to know the word Sake (SA-KAY)…. (-_-)….. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. But just wait a minute…