12 Things Not to Do in Japan (My Reply to Chris)

Etiquette in Japan from Abroad in Japan

This new video that Chris made was pretty accurate… and being I’ve been living in Japan for awhile in the Southern part of Japan. Chris lives in the Northern most part of Japan so, I thought I’d cross examine these 12 no-no’s in…



Sharely Style Verde Review (Onojo + Hakata)

This is the Onojo location of Sharely Style Verde, but the same management runs both locations.
Review of Sharely Style Verde in Fukuoka
This page has been made to write a review of my wife and I’s experience about living at Sharely Style Verde shared housing in Fukuoka. Right now they…


Fukuoka Tower the Softbank Hawks & the Beach

Fukuoka Tower the Softbank Hawks & the Beach
Here is our Facebook pictures of the day.
This last Sunday a friend of my wife and I whose living in the same shared housing unit went to a game in Hakata, Fukuoka (Japan). We first went to the Yahoo! Dome and watched the Softbank Hawks take on a…


FFLC: Fukuoka Learning College Review

Looking to go to FFLC to learn Japanese?
At this moment I’m going to FFLC and I would strongly suggest aganst it. If you’re going through Go Go Nihon I would also suggest not using them. This review will change as time goes on… either it will get worse or better. BUT, just know…


Fukuoka, Japan – Waste Disposal Rules (Gomi Guide)

Learn the Rules of Fukuoka’s Trash and Recycle Disposal
Trash in Japanese is called gomi, and each city and each town and each district has a different system for collecting garbage in Japan. Each district has its own gomi guide to refer to for the different procedures. For the purpose of…


Weather in Fukuoka, Japan. What to Expect?

Weather Facts of Fukuoka, Japan
So what is there to expect weather wise in Fukuoka, Japan when you come for a visit?
Let’s get to a few interesting facts about Fukuoka first before the weather averages. First, the area of Japan is said to be one of the safest areas for those who want to…