Rice Cooker Dutch Baby

Rice Cooker Dutch Baby
A few weeks ago when one of our friends was leaving for Winter vacation, we decided to go to a pancake restaurant that also had dutch babies. Here are some pictures of the display dutch babies as well as the ones my friend and I ordered. They were a bit thin, and they used…



Hokkaido, Japan – Culture, History, Sightseeing an More

Hokkaido, Japan – History, Cities, Festivals, Food and more.
Hokkaido (北海道 Hokkaidō) is Japan’s most northern region island and it’s closest prefecture neighbor is Aomori which is at the very northern part of the island of Honshu. Hokkaido was first ‘stolen’ from the Ainu …


Izakaya Food, Drinks, Atmosphere and Etiquette

The Japanese Izakaya
All you really need to know about Izakaya in Japan
It’s said that the infamous izakaya of Japan are basically small (sometimes large) restaurant/bars. This is where a lot of Japan goes before they end up going home for the night. Many will either visit a izakaya before…


A Brief History of Chopsticks + Documentary

There’s More to Chopsticks Than Meets the Eye
A Short History of Chopsticks in Asia
hashi — No, not the Bridge the Chopsticks

Many many moons ago around 1200 BC the Chinese were using what today we would call chopsticks. Around 500 AD these tools of the feed my face trade flew…