Learn How to Drink for Less in Japan!

The More You Know About Drinking Booze for Cheap in Japan the Better!
Was published here as a guest post, decided to share it here too!
Japan is a mysterious and wondrous place that I believe that everyone should check out at least once throughout their life. The beauty of the island can bring… http://nihonscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Kiirin-Beer-Drink-for-Less-in-Japan.jpg



Happoshu Beer – A Beer Advocate Tries Cheap Japanese Beer

Just arrived in Japan and decided I’d give the dreaded happoshu beer a try. I’ve had over 1,500 different types of beers (rough estimate) over the last 10 years, so when I heard of happoshu beer I decided I’d be best to stay away. BUT…. being in Japan and being an…


Nomihodai Meaning, Etiquette & Proper Precautions Before Ordering

Nomihodai – Meaning, Etiquette and Precautions Before Ordering
Nomihodai, what does it mean and why is it so important… mostly to foreigners? Nomihodai means “All you can drink” or in Japanese the literal translation is Nomi 飲み = “Drink” and Hodai 放題 = “…


Izakaya Food, Drinks, Atmosphere and Etiquette

The Japanese Izakaya
All you really need to know about Izakaya in Japan
It’s said that the infamous izakaya of Japan are basically small (sometimes large) restaurant/bars. This is where a lot of Japan goes before they end up going home for the night. Many will either visit a izakaya before…