Happoshu Beer – A Beer Advocate Tries Cheap Japanese Beer

Just arrived in Japan and decided I’d give the dreaded happoshu beer a try. I’ve had over 1,500 different types of beers (rough estimate) over the last 10 years, so when I heard of happoshu beer I decided I’d be best to stay away. BUT…. being in Japan and being an…


Difference Between – To Give Birth, To Be Born & Birthplace in Japanese

An Odd Coincidence – A Japanese Lesson About Birth on Easter.
In light of the Easter holiday I find this lesson to be very interesting, because the day I finally decide to get these three words straightened in my mind it falls on Easter, and what’s more appropriate then words…


Hidden Costs of Traveling 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Getting Cheap Tickets is Nice But Are They Really Cheap?
If you’re thinking of moving to Japan (or anywhere across the globe) for school or work or even just to travel then there is somethings you should know. If you are traveling to go to school or for work you’re most likely going…


How To Use A Japanese Toilet – A Flier Notice From School

Yoga’s Real History – Having to Use Japanese Toilets

This was actually a pamphlet given to us from FFLC. Funny stuff like this is everywhere in Japan. Totally not politically correct for many tender footed Americans sadly, but that’s what makes it epic, this would be cry baby…


Easy Kanji Mix-Ups: Husband, End & Not Yet

Kanji Mix-Up’s – Matsu, Mi & Otto/Husband
These three were giving me trouble for a little bit on Wani-Kani so I’m going to do a quick exposé of the characters and maybe some ways to help you remember them.

This is the character for husband. Now it’s a fairly simple…


Fukuoka, Japan – Waste Disposal Rules (Gomi Guide)

Learn the Rules of Fukuoka’s Trash and Recycle Disposal
Trash in Japanese is called gomi, and each city and each town and each district has a different system for collecting garbage in Japan. Each district has its own gomi guide to refer to for the different procedures. For the purpose of…


Autumn Colors in Tohoku


Learn more about Tohoku : https://tohoku-japan.jp/
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.
Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.
The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate…