Easy Kanji Mix-Ups: Husband, End & Not Yet

Kanji Mix-Up’s – Matsu, Mi & Otto/Husband
These three were giving me trouble for a little bit on Wani-Kani so I’m going to do a quick exposé of the characters and maybe some ways to help you remember them.

This is the character for husband. Now it’s a fairly simple…



Fukuoka, Japan – Waste Disposal Rules (Gomi Guide)

Learn the Rules of Fukuoka’s Trash and Recycle Disposal
Trash in Japanese is called gomi, and each city and each town and each district has a different system for collecting garbage in Japan. Each district has its own gomi guide to refer to for the different procedures. For the purpose of…


Autumn Colors in Tohoku


Learn more about Tohoku : https://tohoku-japan.jp/
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.
Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.
The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate…


Japanese Laundry Detergent + Organic/Natural Brands

Popular Laundry Detergent in Japan + Natural/Organic Brands
I’m someone who knows more then the general public does when it comes to the chemical warfare that we are exposed to every day, I’ve done the research and have seen the physical effects of bad detergents, not only are most…


Kancho in Japan: Etiquette, Meanings and… WTF?

Kancho, The Game/Prank For All Perverts of Japan!
So of course as things go with studying Japanese culture every day, I still get surprised and have to just go… WTF JAPAN? Because honestly being from the west this little game/joke/prank called kancho is for me a big WTF. So what is this…


Weather in Fukuoka, Japan. What to Expect?

Weather Facts of Fukuoka, Japan
So what is there to expect weather wise in Fukuoka, Japan when you come for a visit?
Let’s get to a few interesting facts about Fukuoka first before the weather averages. First, the area of Japan is said to be one of the safest areas for those who want to…


Is It Really Illegal to be Fat in Japan?

Is Being Fat in Japan Really Illegal?
(I’ve been informed that it’s not a law to get measured once a year – please scroll this forum to learn more – below is the original article)
So what exactly is this fat tax everyone is talking about from Japan? Is it real? Is it…


The History and use of Hanko Stamps in Japan

The Use of Hanko in Japan: Past and Present
Hanko stamps (判子) or otherwise known as Han or Inkan are stone, horn, wood or rubber stamps that are created with the individuals name on the bottom of it. It’s basically a signature that we westerns are familiar with. They are used practically…


Habushu: Why is Snake Sake for the Courageous?

Habu Sake: It’s a Snake in a Bottle of Liquor! What’s There Not to Like?
This craze called Habushu ハブ酒 is flooding across Japan, China, Philippines and South Korea like wild fire. This oddity of a drink originates from Okinawa and the fellow inside the bottle here on the left is a…