The Japanese Constitution – PDF and History

Read The Japanese Constitution
History, Personal Comments and PDF version

(You Can Read the Japanese Constitution in PDF form HERE)
When it comes to learning about the Japanese constitution and history one has to truly learn where the Japanese had come from. Through 1889 to 1947 Japan was…


Religion in Japan: Politics to Nothingness to Everything

Japanese Religion: It’s Different Here!
What exactly is happening spiritually in Japan? Is there something that we Westerners can learn from Japan?
As I have for at least half my life now, I’ve been researching religion in all forms. I’m no stranger to the ideas of religion and…

Blood Type Theory and it’s Effect on Japanese History + Culture

Ketsueki-Gata – Personality Traits Through Blood Type – A Japanese Pseudoscience or Observed Truth?
What exactly got the Japanese to be so darn interested in their blood type? I’d say it’s not too far off of why people believe zodiac signs and astrology. Could blood type…

Scary Japanese Food – Ika Dori Don

Discover What Eating Live* Squid is Like in Japan
Nothing like some scary Japanese food to really get your day going! But, maybe it’s really oishii?

Ika Dori Don is apart of what is called Odorigui. Odorigui literally means ‘dancing eating’, it’s a type of seafood in…

List of Unique Japanese Cafes & History

Discover the Amazing World of Japanese Cafes
From Community Centers for the Elderly to Vampire Cafes in Tokyo. Japan Has Anything You Can Think Of… in Cafe Form!
Chances are even if you’ve never bothered to look into Japanese culture, you most likely have heard of Japanese cafes….

Japanese Bowing Etiquette 101: CRASH COURSE

Learn Japanese Bowing Techniques and When to Use Them!
If you’re totally confused about when to bow in Japan, this quick crash course guide and videos will give you an idea of when and how to use these bowing methods.
The more I researched into this field of etiquette the more I found that…

Hokkaido, Japan – Culture, History, Sightseeing an More

Hokkaido, Japan – History, Cities, Festivals, Food and more.
Hokkaido (北海道 Hokkaidō) is Japan’s most northern region island and it’s closest prefecture neighbor is Aomori which is at the very northern part of the island of Honshu. Hokkaido was first ‘stolen’ from the Ainu …

Aomori Prefecture – Culture, History, Sightseeing and More

Aomori Japan – History, Cities, Festivals, Food and more.
Aomori 青森市 is the capital city of the Prefecture Aomori in Japan. It’s also the northern most part of the Tohoku region of Japan. Aomori can be translated “Green Forest”. Aoi being ‘Blue or Green’ and Mo…