Tanabata Festival: Star Lovers, Looms & Better Handwriting

What is the Tanabata Festival?
Stars that Meet Once a Year, Looms that make God Protect Rice Fields and Men… They Want Better Handwriting!
Seems like enough to create a festival around! Why not?
Tanabata means ‘Evening of the Seventh’. It’s known in Japan as the Star…



Japanese Schools VS American Schools

What Differences to Expect When Going to School in Japan
Good Japanese Students are Seen Not Heard, American Students are Loud and Opinionated
There are a few things to understand about Japanese Schools and how they relate to American standard schools, and it comes down to the way you are…


Basic Onsen Etiquette in Japan & How to Onsen with Tattoo’s

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Onsen Etiquette + How to Onsen with Tattoo’s
Japan in it’s history was lavish with tattoo’s, but as times change in Japan (as they often do), the Japanese culture became more and more strict with the usage of tattoos, until now, still…


The 8 Mortal Sins: Japanese Train Etiquette

Please the Japanese Train Etiquette Gods by Knowing the 8 Mortal Sins of Train Travel in Japan!
There are some simple things that one should know when moving, traveling or teleporting to Japan. When you ride the train, you should be aware of some simple etiquette. If you fail to do so,…


Top 10 Japanese Words to Learn

Easy Japanese Words and Expressions for Beginners
Learn Japanese Like a Boss,
Build Your Foundation with The Basics

Anybody who plans to go to Japan ought to possess a nodding acquaintance using the vocabulary to be able to communicate the locals a bit more bearably. It was discovered…


Japanese Chopstick Etiquette + Punishments

Chopstick Etiquette for the Complete Gaijin
An over view of the Japanese chopstick etiquette guidelines set in stone by the chopstick Gods themselves.
So here it is, a basic list of etiquette when it comes to eating with chopsticks in Japan. I thought I also give you the regular punishments that…


A Brief History of Chopsticks + Documentary

There’s More to Chopsticks Than Meets the Eye
A Short History of Chopsticks in Asia
hashi — No, not the Bridge the Chopsticks

Many many moons ago around 1200 BC the Chinese were using what today we would call chopsticks. Around 500 AD these tools of the feed my face trade flew…


Sake Course 101: History, Brew Process and How to Drink Sake

Sake 101 – Understand the Sake… BE! The Sake!
So I thought today I would go through a basic run down of the history, the quality, the process of brewing and a great course on how to properly drink sake and the rituals based around this wonderful beverage. By the way, PLEASE….